Picture Books Collection for Early Learning (Set of 12)

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  • Each Book contains 8 Pages. Total of 12 Books with Titles. Each Title has respective images with names printed on it
  • High Resolution attractive images with bold captions for better learning
  • Printed on Thick Art Paper with Lamination for long lasting.
  • Titles Includes : ABC, Numbers, Colours & Shapes, Parts of Body, Good Habits, Birds, Wild Animals, Sea Animals, Domestic Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers
  • Ideal for teaching Basics to kids.
A Set of 12 Picture Books for Early Learning with Titles:- ABC, Numbers, Colours & Shapes, Good Habits, Parts of Body, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Birds, Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, Vehicles. Each Book contains 8 Pages, of size standard note book. Printed on 200GSM Art Board with Lamination. Each image contains respective names in bold letters for clear readability.


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