HOLY BIBLE: King James Version (KJV) White Pocket Gift Edition

With an attractive new slipcase and binding, this pocket-sized white Bible is an ideal gift for any special occasion, including confirmation, weddings or first communion.

The full text of the ever-popular Authorized King James Version Bible, with all its literary beauty and poetic grandeur, in an attractive small size and with beautiful binding and slipcase making it an ideal gift.

3 responses to “HOLY BIBLE: King James Version (KJV) White Pocket Gift Edition”

  1. Anand Thukral says:

    I will just say that the pocket size is lovely as it makes it even more convenient for spoiled brats like myself to carry with m

  2. Sovan patro says:

    Overall good..

  3. mithun says:

    OMG! This is too small in pocket size. …

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